An abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck, is the surgical removal of excess skin or fatty deposits from the abdomen, along with the repositioning of abdomen muscles into a tighter formation. The process is as follows:

  • A horizontal incision is made just above the pubic bone area
  • The skin is stretched away from muscle tissue and excess skin is removed
  • Abdomen muscle tissue is tightened to provide a firmly contoured stomach and well-defined waistline
  • The incision is closed and the skin is stitched
  • Surgery lasts approximately three hours, depending on desired look and the patient’s unique physiology

Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation, also known as mammoplasty, is a surgical enhancement procedure to accentuate the size and shape of a woman’s breasts. While breast augmentation will make the breasts larger, the surgery will not move the breasts closer together or lift sagging breasts. The surgery is performed while the patient is under general anesthesia and asleep.

  • The most frequent incision made for this procedure is in the axilla or armpit
    • Two other techniques include: An incision in the lower portion of the breast or an incision around the areola (the darker skin surrounding the nipple)
  • During the surgery, the breast tissue is raised to create an open pocket under the breast tissue or beneath the chest wall muscle
  • Implants can contain either a saline solution (similar to saltwater) or a silicone gel
  • Surgery typically lasts one hour

Breast Lift

A breast lift, also known as a mastopexy, is a procedure to raise and reshape sagging breasts.

  • The most common procedure involves an anchor-like incision along the underside of the breast
  • The incision goes around the area where skin will be removed, thus defining how the nipple will be relocated
  • When the excess skin has been removed, the nipple and areola are moved into a higher position
  • The skin surrounding the areola is brought down and together to reshape the breast
  • Surgery typically lasts 1.5 – 3 hours


Mastopexy is the plastic surgery procedure for raising sagging breasts by correcting and modifying the size, contour, and elevation of the breasts. Your breast lift procedure can be achieved through a variety of incision patterns and techniques.
The appropriate technique for you will be determined based on:

  • Breast size and shape
  • The size and position of your areolas
  • The degree of breast sagging
  • Skin quality and elasticity as well as the amount of extra skin

Some incision lines resulting from breast lifts are concealed in the natural breast contours; however, others are visible on the breast surface. Incision lines are permanent, but in most cases will fade and significantly improve over time. Many women desire the smallest scar possible. However, your plastic surgeon will recommend the incisions which best suits your anatomy. Sutures are layered deep within the breast tissue to create and support the newly shaped breasts. Sutures, skin adhesives, and/or surgical tape may be used to close the skin.


Liposuction (or lipoplasty) is a body-sculpting procedure to remove fat that is unresponsive to dieting and exercising. This procedure can be applied to nearly any area of the body and is commonly used on multiple areas during an operation. Liposuction is not a replacement for proper exercise and diet. Instead, liposuction is a reduction procedure for stubborn areas where fat accumulates. Liposuction is done under general anesthesia with the patient asleep. The process is as follows:

  • Through a tiny incision, a narrow tube or “cannula” is inserted and used to vacuum out the fatty tissue beneath the skin
  • After eliminating the excess fat, incisions are closed with a suture and a compression dressing or bandage is applied to the area in order to prevent bleeding, reduce swelling, and support the affected area
  • Surgery can last from 30 minutes to several hours depending on the amount of fat to be removed